About Susana

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Hello, thank you for joining me in my journey to continue learning about parenting and relationships and life in general ūüôā

I’m a Hispanic mama to 2 and published author. Although my¬†education is in mechanical engineering, I absolutely love writing.¬†It’s been my best friend since I entered kindergarten. I’ve worked as a technical writer, consultant, contributor, editor, and more. In addition to watching Friends, the Office, and other shows obsessively, I create digital scrapbooks and do freelance writing and editing.

I used to be a very anxious and shy person but have since been able to find the confidence to speak up and the peace to let tornadoes spin around me without knocking me completely off balance by trusting God. In this blog, I explore a lot of my ideas and discuss everything from toddler nap times to work email rules in hopes of inspiring my readers to live a smarter and kinder life. There will be good and bad days (hence the name Singing and Screaming), so I want to make sure my focus is always on what matters the most: family.

My kids are growing up in a world where knowledge about multiple subjects will help me be a more developed individual, happier woman, and consequentially a better mother.

My book Tamed Lightning published in 2014.