America’s Best Kept Secret

Recently, I’ve been analyzing what makes people so hateful. Is it the clothes others wear, or the way they look, what they stand for, or something altogether unrelated to others? The truth is that it’s none of the above. The reason people can’t get along, something they should have learned in kindergarten, is because they want everyone to agree with them and do as they say. Ironically, the ones who try to control everyone else are sometimes the ones who say there is no God. It’s because they want to be your God. They want followers, influence, and power–obviously.

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Anything that conflicts with someone’s control over you is going to upset them, if they’re not stable and hungry for a power they’ll never have. It’s easy to be a follower, because many will encourage you to do what everyone else is doing. They think if “most people” are doing it, it must be the right thing. But when we are young, we are told not to give in to peer pressure. This doesn’t only apply to drugs. It applies to everything, but conveniently, there’s no one there to support that theory when you’re an adult and the stakes are much higher.

When it comes to how you live your life, no one should command you how to do it. You shouldn’t be forced to buy things you don’t want, support causes you don’t believe in, or change yourself into someone you’re not. No one deserves that type of grasp over someone–not even parents. Once you’re an adult, you choose who you want to be and what influences are best for you. The problem with America is that society feels entitled to shame anyone who strays from popular opinion. If you’re not joining the crowd, they’ll label you as a loser, conspiracy theorist, ignorant, and much more. They need to belittle people, because they themselves have no power over their own lives or opinions. They’re puppets, trained to not ask questions, so when someone does…You got it, they flip out, not understanding why. They have no reason to question what you’re doing when they can’t even justify their decisions. How ironic that they don’t ask questions of the crowd, but demand to have you defend your life.

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It’s hypocrisy at its finest.

My favorite is how people claim they have no faith, that they will not believe in God until someone can show them enough data or scientific proof. America’s best kept secret is that we all have faith in something or someone–the difference lies in where that faith goes. I believe in God and people who don’t ask Christians all the time, “Well, what do you know? Have you seen Him? Have you heard Him?” Yes, I have. Then they question your answer and continue to badger until everyone just needs to walk away because there’s no sense in trying to convince someone who has their mind set on something. No one will ever be able to give me a reason for why I shouldn’t believe in my Savior. And people should be okay with that, what do they care who I believe in? But they’re not. I like to hear opposing views and learn what makes people feel or think a certain way, so I’ll often ask questions, too–in the hopes of learning, not persuading them to believe otherwise. On social media people are arguing over the elections, movements, the virus, and other topics.

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social media people when they’re blowing up comments section

Yet, is everyone asking one another questions in order to respect the various views out there? No. And when you try to engage in conversation with someone by explaining your side or asking for evidence (the same thing non-believers do), they go into a rage. Their petty reactions just proves that they don’t think they need to explain themselves–only you do. How funny is that? I don’t respect people like that. They’re free to believe what they want and fool themselves, but in the end, they’re also people of faith like me. Except, instead of having faith in God, they have faith in dishonest politicians, empty promises, skewed media news, and medicines with risks and no guaranteed results.

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how trailblazers feel about those that don’t think for themselves

So, if you have told people in the past that you don’t have faith, that’s a lie. You have faith every morning when you walk out of your door that no monsters will fall out of the sky, that you likely won’t die unless you get into a car accident or someone harms you. You have faith when you pick up your prescription at the pharmacy that no one mixed up your meds for the wrong thing. You have faith when you stay in relationships that the person isn’t cheating on you or doing things behind your back. We need to have faith in something to stay sane, because you’ll never be able to prove everything you believe. Does your husband/wife have an STD? You can take a test for that, but if the doctor asked if they’ve ever hugged or kissed anyone during your marriage, there’s no test for that. It makes sense that we have faith, because not everything can be tied to a number or statistic. But when you criticize people for having faith in something (or someone) you don’t, it’s outright rude and childish. It only proves you’re immature and not well-grounded in your own life if it bothers you so much that a person (or group of people) don’t agree with your views.

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Lots of people in the United States, and even around the world, still do not believe in God, but I don’t stay up all night crying about it or going online like a lame keyboard warrior to harass every account that says, “atheist”, “pagan”, “agnostic” or “the flying spaghetti monster.”

Why? Because I love how God made us all individuals. We are not robots and we are not the same humans. Equality of rights means we ALL have the right to the protected freedoms, not that we all have to be the same person. For those who continue to misinterpret this, or shove their views down others’ throats, that’s a damn shame they live their lives this way. I don’t allow that poison into my life, because I’m open-minded. I can get along with people without agreeing with them. The truth about America though is that most of us never grew up. We think it’s okay to push people at the playground for not liking our friends, that you can throw sand in someone’s face if they say something you don’t like. Guess what? Life is not about you. YOUR life is about you, and my life is about me. I don’t owe you anything, and I certainly will not change my mind about the foundation of my being solely to please a crybaby. Learn to be an adult or don’t interact with them, but whichever you choose, know that I respect it. What I don’t respect is hypocrites.

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Hypocrites are people who continue to make people prove something they believe in is “real” when they’re sitting around believing in lots of unfounded things themselves. They’re humans who think no one should say anything about them and their perspective, but they’re all too happy to spew criticism at everyone else. That’s not cool. I am teaching my kids better than that so we stop the cycle, one person at a time.

Until then, now that you know America’s best kept secret–how this parade is ran–decide for yourself what you want to believe in and respect others’ views regardless of what those may be. If you’re not able to do that, which is actually really easy, then ask yourself some serious questions about your insecurities and your anger. It often comes back to the namecallers. They have issues to deal with that they are projecting onto others, and I’m not here to hold those burdens for them.

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I kick it right back, and continue to live my life. The only shame around here is for those who think that a) they have a right to know others’ beliefs/views and then b) think they are important enough to dictate whether or not those beliefs are right. Even God gave us freewill, so those who aim to take it away from others through pressure or bullying really need to check their egos. I pray that they’re not raising children either, because that just means we are stuck in this circus of ignorant people dancing around trying to make others follow for a long time to come. And these evildoers are so proud of themselves, not even noticing how they’re tainting posterity.

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As for me, I’m not a copycat. I have feelings, but my future is in God’s hands, and what I choose to believe in or support is my business. I’ll leave everyone else to theirs and continue to stay away from the broken people who attack others because they don’t want to face themselves in the mirror.

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Sorry, not sorry.

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