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Life is so short. Everyone tells us that; commercials feed off the fact that we want to be happy and try to convince us that their product unlocks the key to happiness, while social media pressures us to only capture the moments when us and our kids and family and friends are smiling from ear to ear. But life isn’t perfect, which is why we won’t always be smiling. The difference between what I believe and what some others still haven’t figured out though is that you can be happy…despite what’s happening in your life.

Situations do not determine happiness. Happiness comes from within and it’s not a feeling dependent on how the day is going or will go. It’s linked to our state of being. As a human, are you okay with who you are? Do you feel free to pursue the things you love? If tomorrow someone cuts you off in traffic, or your fast food order gets messed up, are you going to be unhappy? Then, you haven’t found real happiness.

It’s taken me years, but I finally reached a state where I can be happy regardless of the arrows life (and other people) throw my way.

How did I do it?

Well, first I had to identify everything that made me unhappy. That was relatively easy but summoning the strength to deal with it all in a positive way was extremely challenging. I felt lost for months and didn’t know what I wanted until I sought out the expert advice of someone on finances, family, relationships, health, love, hobbies, parenting, food, exercise and even approval.


When I started not only asking God for the things I wanted or needed, but also relying on Him to give me what I want and need, the pressure came off of others to give those things to me.

For instance, I no longer worried about money because I knew God would always provide for me and my family. I had to trust him with that and with direction on the income I was receiving from my part-time job and husband.

I also stopped worrying about people who didn’t text back or didn’t text me first or never bothered to ask how I am because I no longer cared if I was important to them or not. God considered me special and that became enough for me. That’s easier said than done, by the way, given how many insecurities we all carry on a daily basis. But once you understand that truth…that you are made in God’s image and He loves you for you, that’s just monumental.

Next, I stopped comparing myself to others. Instead, I focused more time and energy into becoming the person I wanted to become. It’s harder to envy that younger girl with the fit body when you’re regularly working on your own fitness. And it’s not a pain to watch everything you eat, when you’re seeing the results manifest themselves in a positive way on your looks and mood.

When you’re happier with yourself, others notice. It shines. And I wanted to shine. I’ve spent so much effort trying to maximize my potential instead of being dragged into social media garnage, godless chatter that comes from not having conversations which are filled with love and good things, or the pressure of society to meet this imaginary bar. And it reformed me completely.

I work to meet my own standards and continue to raise them so that I am the absolute best version of myself one day. Then my kids can be proud of me. I’ll be ecstatic and comfortable in my own skin and the success I obtain will be handled with grace and humility, knowing that it’s all thanks to my Heavenly Father who hears my prayers, my cries and my words of thanks.

I urge everyone to try to find their source of happiness. God wants us to live a full life, one that makes us content not that stains us with misery. If you’re constantly thinking that next thing on your list would make you happy or if you could just have that one thing happen, you would be happy, let me recommend that you start viewing happiness as a state rather than a conditional situation.

Life fluxes all the time. But it’s these ups and downs that make us stronger and allow us to enjoy our happiness that much more when things go our way. However, things are likely not to always go as we planned so it’s important to remember: God always has a plan and it’s meant to be the best for you.

I don’t know about you but if the Creator of this universe and all the heavens is up there making a master plan for me, I’m disturb Him or try to compete with my own, less awesome plan. Who am I to question His purpose for me (Job 42)?  Instead, I will dutifully listen and bask in the glory that He sent His Son to give us eternal life and no one can take that away.

I’m happy even if I get a flat tire tomorrow.

I will be happy even if my kids keep me up tonight.

I am happy regardless of how many job rejections I get.

I don’t care how long it takes for our house to get an offer from a buyer because God has the perfect timing planned.

I’m happy regardless of my weight because I’m consistently working on my goals and God made me the way I am so I will love my body no matter what and respect it by exercising to be healthy even if I don’t have a six-pack for abs.

My eyes are on God. I start and end every day by talking with Him and that keeps me grounded in this world of chaos.

If you do the same, I promise you will get happy. And keep it 🙂

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