Brands Which Are Skimping on Their Rewards Programs in 2019

I received so many diapers for my baby shower that I was happy to not have to buy much more for my baby between then and now (about 10 months ago). My favorite brand since my first child has been Pampers and luckily my mother-in-law bought me lots of Pampers and in different sizes!


So I go and diligently enter my codes for the past few months, knowing that the best way to take advantage of any rewards program is by saving a ton of points and waiting until you find something awesome that’s worth receiving for free.

For instance, I just got a $25 Amazon gift card from my Super America rewards (a fuel program here in Minnesota), and it felt darn good, like I had just found money on the ground of a parking lot. But anyway, I was hoping to do the same with my Pampers Rewards tonight and remembered that over Christmas I had seen a free Shutterfly book coupon in the Pampers Rewards catalog. Score!

I had clicked on the item and it said the offer would expire in February of 2019 and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to finish my son’s Shutterfly scrapbook by then so I hesitated. Now I regret it because the Pampers Rewards catalog no longer contains this offer. Much to my disdain, it actually contains a load of garbage.

For my 2566 points, which adds up to about $300 worth of diapers and pull-ups if you do the math on how many small and large packages of diapers I had in order to accrue those points, I really have no great choices–unless I want a free package of diapers. And I’m sorry, but if I (and my mother-in-law) spent about $300 on multiple packs of Pampers diapers then why would I want one package in exchange for that value? I know it will never equal the same, and that I should be grateful it’s free, but it just doesn’t seem like a smart move.


Now, I have to wait and see if something worthwhile makes its way to the Pampers Rewards catalog or choose one of these lame things:

Now onto the change in another of my favorite brands–Sephora.


I ran out of my foundation and wanted to order more before realizing that the brand I need is not carried by Sephora. But I browsed for fun, and looked on RetailMeNot to see if there were any awesome coupons. Sometimes they have codes that you can add to your order so you can get a free makeup bag or trial size container of perfume or face lotion, but when I went back to the Sephora cart to see if these codes would work, I noticed I could only enter one. Before, I could enter more than one. Next, I noticed that Sephora only does two samples with every online order now. It used to do three! Below is a summary of their 2019 benefits but I don’t think they break down into the nitty-gritty details so you don’t notice what they actually took away. It’s pretty vague (i.e. they don’t tell you that their bazaar is usually out of stock on the rewards worth getting). They’re still a great store, just like Pampers is an excellent brand, but I’m disappointed that they no longer care about their loyal shoppers the way they used to.


Maybe they are no longer partnering with the same people or it’s too expensive to give these samples instead of making the sale, but I hope next year things are better.

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