Cute Christmas Family Photo Ideas

christmas photos ideas, red and silver ornaments on grey wood panel


So you decided to send out a holiday card this year and want the pictures to be awesome, or you send one out every year and wanted to mix it up a bit this time. Great!

I’ve made a list of some ideas you might find cute for your Christmas family photo this year. Take your pick and see what happens! I think the options below offer something for every type of family (kid ages, budget, wardrobe, style, etc.) I even found a variation in colors for those that alternate colors in their Christmas family photos, like me.

1. Christmas lights


The Christmas lights family photo is the most festive, in my opinion. My favorite thing to do is wrap Christmas lights around my son with the lights off. If you print in black and white, it looks even neater. I think the tricky thing with this one is you always have to be near an outlet or a long extension cord to plug in your lights without getting the plug in the picture.

2. Funny/Silly 



I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. The silly and funny Christmas family photos are a fun way to do holiday cards. Use your imagination and have fun with your family. The kids are bound to think almost anything that isn’t a formal, sit down picture is awesome.

3. Fancy


You don’t have to be a celebrity to dress up for the holidays. My family always dressed up when we were younger, and I miss taking photos like that, so my siblings and I are going to do a fancy family photo this year with only us to surprise our parents. I’ll post the one we took when we were four years old if I find it haha

4. Weather-inspired


Anytime you can get outdoors for a picture, you will likely capture better lighting in your photo. I like weather-based Christmas family photos, because the sun or beach can complement your Christmas style just as well as some trees covered in snow. Winter Christmas family photos taken where it snows a lot look so surreal!

5. Pajamas


The people who have the time and patience to select matching pajamas for their family’s Christmas photo are my heroes, because I can barely coordinate well enough for my family to all wear the same color most years! I think there are stores now that sell family pajama sets to save you the hassle, but it limits the styles you can choose from, and often even the colors.

6. Unique pose

Cameras are on our phone, photographers travel, and you can even use the timer on a professional camera to take pictures anywhere you want these days, so you don’t have to sit rigid in a JcPenney photo studio anymore. Add some variety to your Christmas family photo by playing with different poses and arrangements for placing your family members.

7. Candid


When people are intentionally not looking at the camera, you can get so many great shots! I love candid pictures. Try a candid family photo this Christmas and steal the hearts of your friends and relatives! My friends did a candid one this year and it made me smile immediately 🙂


8. Casual

The casual, Christmas family photos are the ones I see most often on holiday cards here in Minnesota. I think they’re great if you can get around to taking your family pictures at just the right time during the fall before the snow comes around and the sunny days are scarce. These are timeless, and you can keep using them for more occasions than just Christmas! Frame them and put them on your house or use them as samples on your photography website.

9. Siblings Only



The spark in children always makes for a wonderful picture. This Christmas send out a holiday card with only the siblings together! It can be charming or cute, and you can dress them in the same color scheme, fancy, or in their pajamas.

I hope you find some cute Christmas family photo ideas here! Comment below with any suggestions or ideas you’ve tried that others may not have thought of!







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