Help for Moms & Dads with Parenting Questions

Raising kids is awesome. They can make you laugh with their hilariousness. They can make you melt with their cuteness. They can inspire you with their kindness.

But raising kids is also really hard. Between temper tantrums, the constant noise and mess, teaching them all the life skills they’ll need as adults, and continually wondering whether we’re screwing it all up… well, it can actually be one of the hardest things we’ve ever done.

It’s hard to know whether we’re making the right decisions when it comes to family priorities, activities, education, discipline, having all those hard-but-necessary conversations, and just generally preparing our kids to be awesome adults!

Whenever I have a question, I turn to books, but I end up with a full Amazon cart and never remember to go back and review which ones are good or not. This time, experts have done that step for me!


I have been looking for ways to give my readers options for getting the most out of their buck when it comes to educational things and items that can help out with parenting, and filtered through a lot of stuff before coming across these things called bundles. Now, I will say that people promoting them do receive a percentage of the sale, but I have not (and never will) promote something that I don’t like or see a value in. My readers come first, because you have brought light to my dream of writing.

The Parenting Bundle has lots of materials on homeschooling, faith, discipline, outdoors and more. I picked two or three books and looked up the prices in each category to see if it was worth the deal, and it totally is. But whether or not you should buy it depends on what you are looking for. If you don’t need help with food, discipline, homeschooling, faith, outdoor travels, special needs, and more, then feel free to stop reading because I respect that. But maybe you know a friend or someone that loves reading books and is always looking to learn or even craft! This could be a good back-to-school resource for them. I personally use planners a lot, so I thought it was great that this was included.

The Parenting Bundle seems like my thing and maybe it’s yours too, so I wanted to at least offer it.

While you’re free from baby feedings, school drop-off, school lunches and homework (woohoo!) take advantage of the time to invest $47 in yourself and your family.

My Favorites are the Discipline and Parenthood books but there are so many more! I have to keep my frustration in check sometimes and it’s nice to know others do, too. I’m not the only one that has to be walked through how to deal with some of the tough stuff in parenting. You’re not alone, either.

Check out more details about everything here or feel free to send me an email with questions! 🙂

Here’s what’s available until July 31st, at a discount of 96% (no, not a scam, lots of experts got together and created this package for parents like you and me to get everything in one spot):

  • 35 eBooks that teach you how to:
    • Build a better relationship with your child
    • Discover step-by-step solutions to common parenting and family challenges including whining, arguing, homework, tantrums and lack of cooperation
    • Give your children the tools they need to handle powerful emotions
    • Teach your children to eat a more healthy diet
  • 13 self-paced eCourses, audios, and a membership site to help you:
    • Partner with your child to help them crush their anxiety
    • Learn secrets to using nutrition to decrease your child’s ADHD behaviors
    • Educate your kids about education, faith, and art
    • Stay calm while managing tantrums, bedtime battles, fighting, and backtalk.
  • 23 printables to create chore charts, simple crafts, and even a planner to keep you organized!
  • 9 workbooks to give you coping strategies for emotional and practical survival, help your child deal with worries, and cultivate an attitude of gratitude in your child.
  • Plus, a Getting Started Guide to help you pinpoint exactly which resources are right for you right now, so you can take action immediately.




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