4 Signs You Should Quit Your Job

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It’s time for some cold, hard truth. If you’re questioning whether or not you should leave, consider the reasons below as good enough (obviously, dependent on your personal circumstances) to put in your notice.

1. You’re Unhappy

You might be upset with your boss constantly or bored every single day. Whatever the reason is, you’re not happy anymore, and you’ve been trying to stick it out but your mood is clearly affected whenever you walk into the office. Other people notice it, too, but you think it’s normal. While some people are content to fake a smile and put up with something for years before realizing it’s not what they wanted, you can still do something about it, especially if it’s one of your first jobs. If you’re thinking you can’t leave because you’ve invested too much into your 401K, just move your money into an IRA until you can deposit it into another 401K.

2. You Aren’t Productive/Motivated

If you were hired to do something and for whatever reason-whether it be tied to your skills or willingness or motivation- you don’t seem to be delivering, then you might want to think about looking for other opportunities. Of course, you can talk with your manager or coworkers about how to improve your performance, or ask yourself why you don’t feel a drive to go above and beyond. But if this is has been your pattern for a few years, or even months now, then it could be a sign you aren’t in the right place.

3. You Are Constantly Overlooked

I know they say that in this day and age, if you’re not willing to pay your dues, then you’re lazy or impatient. But the fact remains that a company which is frequently taking you for granted is likely to not give you raises or promotions either. Is that something you’re also willing to handle? People who are unappreciated in their fields usually do more than is in their job description for less pay. When you become stagnant in your growth or position at a company where you are expected to/want to move up the ladder, it could be time to pick up your things and go.

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4. You Are Passively Job Hunting

Ah, this one is my favorite, because it means you already know you should quit your job, but you refuse to do it! If the idea of something new on the horizon makes it difficult for you to walk into work each day, because you are excited about how a different job might make you feel, you should probably quit already. A job hunt that is happening while you’re currently employed means you’re already one foot out the door, but sometimes, having that job sitting there as a security net could hold you back from doing ‘active’ looking in your job search. The job opportunities await, if you’re willing to be bold about it!

And while these are common reasons for leaving a place of employment, I am by no means encouraging this decision for those who do not believe it’s the right move for them, so use your best judgment. Maybe some of your issues can be remedied. Just give your situation some thought, but remember that if you’re going to spend 40+ hours somewhere a week, it should be some place that makes you smile 🙂 Not somewhere that coworkers, family and friends all have to ask you daily, “what’s wrong?” multiple times a week!

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