Red Flags He Doesn’t Want to Date You

Girls like to make as many excuses possible for why guys don’t call or text back or why they’re still not official with the guy they’ve been ‘seeing’ for weeks. It’s almost like a skill to be able to justify anything someone does without admitting the truth– they probably really aren’t into you! I did the same a few times in high school and the beginning of college and looking back on it, it was pretty stupid and I wasted a lot of time deciphering codes when it was as simple as: they didn’t like me as much as I liked them. And I had to accept it or move on, but there was no changing the facts (usually but I’ll save those stories for another time).

Now that I’m married, I see other girls having these same issues, and I thought I’d share some things I learned since guys at 16 and guys at 30 still pretty much act the same way when they’re uninterested…

1. He doesn’t text unless you text first. Or he ignores you.


2. He never asks you questions about your day or your life or yourself.


3. He says he doesn’t have time to hang out.


4. He makes excuses about work stuff or guy friends when you make plans for the both of you.


5. His friends and family have never heard of you.


6. He only compliments you when you’re hooking up.


7. He doesn’t care to spend the night.


8. He doesn’t talk about personal things with you.

images (2).jpeg

9. He seems to be distant when he’s with you.

images (1).jpeg

10. In general, it feels like you’re trying more than he is.

giphy (6)_3.gif

11. You worry he’s talking to other girls.


12. He’s very protective of his phone.


13. He doesn’t offer to do things for you out of the blue like bring you lunch or help with your pets.


14. He doesn’t appreciate the things you do for him.


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