What I Want to Say to My Followers

First, I want to note that yes, I’m aware that there are only about 30 of you on my site. So this isn’t the same as the posts where people thank their 1,000 or 10,000 followers for helping them reach that milestone. This is better.

I want to let you know that you are all much more than a number to me. While more followers does get me closer to pursuing my dream of creative writing as a job (I am a professional writer and editor), it is not all that I’m looking for.

I genuinely appreciate having people that read my stuff every once in awhile hoping to get a good laugh or new insight on a common topic and returning for more. You all make my day. Even knowing that I’ve reached one other person than myself or that someone was able to find my advice useful makes me feel like I’m doing something wonderful.

God gave me the gift of writing at a young age but somewhere down my path as an engineer and full time mother, I let writing take the backseat in my life, and then kinda kicked it out of the car in general! Ha but I miss it and felt compelled to write and give it my all this year. I can’t give it my all with all the responsibilities I juggle everyday but I do my best to make sure that when I post, it’s interesting and quality content.

Forgive me that I haven’t done a better job of visiting everyone’s sites in return. I don’t know everything about WordPress yet and sometimes I’m limited on my phone so I get rather lost clicking buttons 🙂

I’m going to start enabling comments so you all can connect more with me and include links to your sites so I can more easily give you at least unique visitor views! I’m featured frequently on Scary Mommy so I encourage you all to go there and look for my stuff if you want a taste of some different topics (since most of the stuff they publish, I don’t republish here).

Also, you can email me at ScreamingandSinging@gmail.com if you want to drop a note or have a question or need advice. I started freelance writing when I was in college and have lots of tips and ‘secrets’ that I hope to turn into a PDF course sometime this year but for now, I can at least offer one-on-one consultations for those interested in seeking paid writing opportunities. I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years and really love it and have many connections that have taught me valuable lessons that I wouldn’t mind sharing 🙂

Anyway, thanks again for thinking I’m worth your time. Always keep in mind that I’m very grateful with all of you and do not take it for granted that you choose to read my content. Maybe one day we will be in the company of 100 followers or more but for now, let me know if there’s anything you want to see more of or if you have opinions on a series…i.e. career tips from cover letter to knowing when to quit, how to survive the first months with your newborn, walking through the method I used for losing 60lbs post-baby, why I chose to leave Florida, how I got rid of $20k debt (free worksheet included) or others!

Love you all 💕,


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screamingandsinging@gmail.com Dream big; you can do anything. Contact me about sponsored posts, writing/editing requests or collaborations with your brand.

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