I Think Trucks Are Sexy

In honor of Valentine’s Day, which I know was yesterday… I decided to write about trucks because my husband is convinced that’s the only reason I gave him the time of day and even dated him to begin with. Don’t be fooled, dear, it was actually your Netflix that attracted me to you. Just kidding!

Anyway, I did really really like his truck. I think it was a 2007 F-150 with some cool color name like slate lightning? He will have to correct me, I’m sure.

It (my obsession) all started at some point in college, when I saw our landlord’s blue, shiny truck parked outside our building and I knew right then and there–this must be what it’s like to be in love with inanimate objects. I went to school in upstate New York so trucks were actually common in the small town, where fields and dirt roads appeared to be all over the place.

Then someone I was seeing got me into country music.

Then I got into Luke Bryan.

And then I met my husband somewhere along that path, and he had a truck (he doesn’t anymore) and it was like my fantasy of being with a country boy and his truck just overtook me, as did the plaid shirts. I really like plaid for some reason.

But enough about that.

I miss my husband’s truck. It was loud because it had no exhaust pipe and I always thought it was attractive when he drove it. Or when it was parked. Or when I thought of it in general ha, maybe I have a problem. So I hope one day we can get another truck and the ladies will swoon all over our sons.

But for now, it seemed appropriate to write a post to honor trucks. And how handsome they are. And how they complete every country music video and song. Because they really do rock, and I’m sure others agree. I would never get one for myself and no one would trust me to drive theirs but I certainly take advantage of any opportunity I get to ride in one!

To my husband–who is probably out there reading this and considering it a call for men to come show me their trucks–know that I love you just the same without your truck 🙂 I just can’t help but look every time I see one, and I’m sure you’ve felt the same about other, ahem, things.

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