Coca-cola cans next to glasses filled with Coke and straw, Coke

The Baby Wants Coke!

Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t blame my fetus for this unforgivable craving but it’s true that I believe the craving is tied to my pregnancy. Normally, I don’t care for soda since it makes it so I can’t sleep, and I’m fully aware of the awful ingredients in it which might cause obesity, diabetes, heart problems, and more.

Before I got pregnant, I rarely drank soda unless there was a special occasion. And even then, I preferred Pepsi and hated the taste of Coke. Plus it revolted me to know that this same product was used as a harsh cleaner for toilet bowls and grimy driveways. Why would I ingest something with that many chemicals?

Anyway, when I cut soda out of my diet completely in order to lose weight after my first child wasn’t born, the craving went away. I didn’t really need it or want it for every meal (like I do now).

Neither my husband or I drink coffee but he can’t live without his daily three or four cans of Diet Coke. I always complain that he shouldn’t drink it because even though it’s Diet (arguably worse, in my opinion due to the substitute ingredients), it’s still not healthy. Now I’m the one that can’t go a few hours without seeking out Coke and even though I feel guilty drinking it while I’m pregnant, I don’t seem to have a problem rejecting it when it’s offered to me.

However, it’s not healthy. Soda in general is very bad for you, and while you’re only allowed to drink 200 mg of caffeine a day during your pregnancy, and Coke has about 42 mg, it also has other ingredients that make it so powerful that you can remove toilet scum and driveway stains with it. If that wasn’t enough to convince me, then I think to myself: would I allow my toddler to drink soda? No. So why make my unborn baby drink it? So I feel extremely guilty drinking it and craving it!

I look forward to events where there is free Coke being handed out. I bought a Subway promotional cup so I could get refills for only 99 cents. I asked around to figure out where the vending machines in our building were located so I could buy some when I ran out of the mini ones my husband bought me at home; he said I could only have those but I needed more! I attend (and look for) meetings where there will be refreshments. It’s so bad! I’m embarrassed to admit how far it’s gotten.

So what’s next?

Well, I think it’s time to take the cold turkey approach and stop drinking Coke altogether. My Coke intake is making my child more susceptible to diabetes after birth. It’s also dehydrating me, messing with my blood pressure and sugar levels, reducing my calcium levels and giving my brain a fake ‘high’ using the same physical processes that heroin does.

And… it’s expensive.

I have to make a choice for myself because even though I enjoy this fizzy beverage, I don’t want to be responsible for purposely harming my body while I’m carrying a child that relies on me for nutrients and expects me to plan better for his future health.

Online it says to just limit how much soda you drink while pregnant but this seems like a hoax. Insane levels of caffeine and sugar provide no benefit to my fetus so why do it? The more I drink it, the more I’ll want it so I have to stop.

I will report on how well I do with my breakup with Coke in the next week or so. Fingers crossed!