9 Things You Should Start Disinfecting Regularly

I wrote this article back in 2018, and now that we are in 2020, living through a pandemic, it’s starting to become more and more relevant in my everyday life, so I thought I would share with others!

1. Cell phone

I clean my cell phone screen with hand sanitizer every time I’m at work, just to have some alcohol cleanse the impurities I might have gotten on it from the train, my hands, and even my face oils, makeup or lotion. I think this is a big one that people RARELY remember but it makes a big difference.

2. Door knobs

We have so many doors in our house from bedrooms to office to the basement door and those leading to the outside. With a toddler and two dogs, we are always opening and closing doors and the more people that touch those door knobs, the dirtier they get. I use Chlorox wipes and clean these whenever I get the time because it ensures that if someone didn’t wash their hands that day, at least the germs didn’t stay on very long.

3. Inside Your Car

I can’t stand crumbs in our car but I also don’t tolerate stickiness. And these are things I can see or feel! So I can’t even imagine the yuckiness that’s in places or on surfaces hiding from my view. I ask (tell?) my husband to vacuum the car every weekend but now that he drives for Über, we need to wipe it down daily, too.

4. Toilet Lids/Seats

These will always be gross. Just keep at it even if it’s annoying to have to do it so often.

5. Your hands

I wash my hands every chance I get, whether I have just come home or I’ve been playing with the dogs. I also clean my son’s hands regularly because I know how easy it is to pick up germs. And at his age, he considers it a fun activity so I’m happy to help him build this habit!

6. Keyboards

Mine has cheese in one of the keys from yesterday’s burrito and I have no clue how to get it out. But a spray duster would be a good start for someone that doesn’t have the time to be wiping down keys or buying cleaning solutions that work on electronics… My husband says I can’t clean my screen with baby wipes.

7. Kitchen handles

This means refrigerator handles, microwave handles, oven handles and dishwasher handles. Bonus if you do all the handles for the cabinets, too!

8. Light switches

Wipe them all down and dry them! These get used and abused everyday and carry lots of nasty stuff.

9. Kids’ toys

I never clean my son’s toys but I probably should. So I’m telling you to do it, too.


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