5 Fun Things to Do with Your Toddler (that you won’t hate!)

Wife having a girls night?  Going out of town?  Do you suddenly find yourself with your toddler wondering what on earth you’re going to do to survive the raw energy coming out of every pore in that kids body?  Here’s five things I’ve had some success with:


Pool(Cost $-$$)


Lately I’ve been taking my son to the local community center, It’s a blast to see how he’s grown and how much he absolutely loves playing in the water, and he’s even starting to swim a little!  It’s worth noting that going once isn’t too bad on the wallet unless you need to buy swimsuits, we however opted to get a membership(very expensive) as we’ve gone roughly 5 of the last 8 days.  Otherwise just throw the stuff on and bring some towels, the local cost for a day at the pool is about $6 where I live- not too bad!  Don’t forget swim diapers if your toddler isn’t 100% potty trained.  Nobody wants to see that floating snickers that your kid left.

Jump play area(Cost $)


So this is a fun little spot we’ve been to a few times.  It can take your kid some warming up to get them into the bounce houses but once they get in trust me they won’t want to get out!  It’s pretty funny to watch but it is worth noting that if there are a lot of other kids there it has the potential to be dangerous.

Rent(stream) a movie from when you were a kid, they’ll probably like it(Cost $)


My current go to: Toy Story.  This reminds me of when I was a young child and boy does the nostalgia hit hard.  On top of that my son LOVES the movies and even has a Toy Woody and Buzz that he loves.  You don’t have to choose Toy Story Obviously you can always choose another movie from when you were a kid.  Sometimes they are cheap, Toy Story is not.

Take them to get a new toy just because(they’ll feel special)(Cost $-$$$)


You can really brighten their day just by doing this simple thing.  Take them to Target(or Walmart or where ever) and let them pick something out.  It’s like buying a girl flowers just because.  It won’t go unnoticed and your toddler will be very happy for at least the whole day.

Check out your local children’s museum, ours has some sweet exhibits now(Cost $$)


We went here for his birthday recently and man was it cool!  Getting there and getting in can be fairly expensive but it’s worth the price in my opinion as it is HOURS and HOURS of fun!


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