Try These Foods to Help with Morning Sickness

During my first pregnancy, I didn’t have any symptoms. It was blissful. I just enjoyed my happy belly and increased appetite. Perhaps some of you are cursing me out right now because you recall (or are currently having) severe bouts of morning sickness. Well, don’t worry, my second pregnancy was totally different. And I finally understood why some women lose weight at the beginning of their pregnancies and why others are extremely careful about what they eat. Living with a puke bag tied around your neck is not sexy and neither is it appealing to have to say no to all foods while you’re growing a baby.

My doctor laughed at me me when I told him that I had to see him before 12 weeks because I couldn’t sleep, work or eat. I explained to him that I had been researching various things to try to make the days bearable, and he asked if I thought he had a magical cure. Are you serious?

I think it goes without saying that his sarcastic remark was not only a smack in the face to a woman who just wanted a question answered but it also made me realize that I knew more than him about my nausea. He recommended B6 supplements and Unisom just because some research was promoting that combination, but I wasn’t ready to turn to more meds. I was already taking prenatal vitamins, sleep aids and antidepressants. I didn’t want to add to this list so I did my own research, read other moms’ success stories online, and used trial and error to figure out what foods would agree with me.

These are all foods that helped me, and they are worth a shot if you haven’t tried them yet.

1. Waffles

Rich in B6 vitamins, this breakfast favorite is not only smooth on the tummy but it keeps you full longer than a banana might.

2. Cheese and Crackers

For two weeks straight, all I could eat were the turkey and cheese Lunchables sold at the convenience store in my work building. I love cheese so it was a relief to discover I could still digest it well.

3. Apples

These red fruits kept me content throughout the day. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, I chewed two or three a day until I could stomach sandwiches.

4. Fruit cups

The myth is that you’re having a girl if your nausea is so bad that you can’t even stand without feeling queasy. Family members were quick to come to this conclusion with me and recommended that I try sweet things to make myself feel better and it worked! I started with peach fruit cups before turning to gummy worms and sweet cereal. Supposedly the syrup helps your stomach.

5. Peanut Butter or Almonds

I was getting worried when I couldn’t even think of meats without having to make a dash for the bathroom, because I know protein is important for a good diet. And I had to think of my baby and make sure I could get some nutrients. Peanut butter was doable for me and so were almonds so kept them in my office and at home.

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