The Evolution of My Baby Registries

With my first baby, I was more in a mindset of dressing up a baby doll that I could carry everywhere. What would be the cutest clothes and hats? And of course, I need some furniture and gadgets that all these mommy boards talk about often (crib and baby monitor, etc.). So this is basically the gist of things I wanted.

Baby Registry for Baby #1

Now, it’s my second round of this, and I know better. I will save myself the fifty trips to Target and Walmart that I had to make during my son’s first month or two. At that time, I would go or send my husband to gather essentials that I didn’t know could be consumed so quickly, and that would be so expensive! The registry this time looks more like this, because I’m focused on things I actually need (and cute clothes and toys are bountiful in stock at our house from my older son).

Baby Registry for Baby #2

And if I ever have a third baby, I’ll save myself and others the trouble of even going to stores. I’ll need money. Thanks.





Note: This is not a sponsored post. I actually used the baby brands above and was not paid by any companies to promote them.



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